Mr D's Teaching and Classroom Hints for Beginning Teachers

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The person who the Author taught the most to in his first year of teaching was, interestingly enough, himself!  Since then he has collected and honed many Teaching & Classroom Management Hints – some learnt from other teachers, others from self-study, some from past experiences and some from students who he has taught. Discipline and Classroom Management are both such elusive topics that it’s difficult to pin down just one or two ‘magic strategies’ that will transform an inexperienced teacher into someone who is well respected by students and who maintains impeccable control within the classroom. This booklet contains ten (10) essential skills that a beginning teacher should have in their kitbag.

Book Cover - Hints for beginner teachers


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Introduction          Things I wish someone would have told me when I was a young teacher             

Hint No 1               You must walk into the classroom and assume or demand control

Hint No 2               Make sure that you know the subject matter thoroughly

Hint No 3               Always test any new knowledge out on your ‘dumb mate’

Hint No 4               Always cater for the different types of learners in your classes

Hint No 5               Insist on Homework being done (or at least the student being able to show you where it was attempted)

Hint No 6               Make sure that you have a thoroughly thought-out Classroom Management Program that needs to be implemented from the very first lesson

Hint No 7               Be as strict as you need to be but always be FAIR in how you deal with all the students in your classes (ie NO FAVOURITES!)

Hint No 8               Maintain a ‘friendly manner’ with the students in your classes (take an interest in their hobbies, sports, part-time work etc) but always keep that ‘arms-length’ distance between you and the student

Hint No 9               Lean the names of the students in your classes as soon as possible

Hint No 10             Example of a Classroom Management Policy 

Appendix 1                          Some examples of Classroom Rules/Hints

Appendix 2                         ‘Rules’ that teachers, themselves, could promise to adopt or ‘live by’

Appendix 3                            Things the teacher can do in the Classroom to help maintain order

Appendix 4                            Class Checklist & Suggested Lesson Plan

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