Mr D's Survival Guide for Parents of School Age Teenagers

**Hard Copies of "Mr D's Survival Guide for Parents"  are no longer available - please download the eBook version using the links below**

From the Author’s experiences gained, over the years, in dealing with teenagers, their education and supervision as well as keeping in touch with their families, he has drawn together a number of topics that are known to have been of great help, in the past, to parents in their dealings with the education and guidance of their teenage son or daughter. Such topics as using lesson time effectively, time management, how to ‘best study’ different subjects, assignment writing, memory tricks, hurdles that teenagers need to address and/or overcome, useful websites and much more.

 Let your teenage son or daughter ‘skin their knee’ in Junior High School and it may well prevent a ‘major injury’ in Senior High School!

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Topic 1            How to get the best out of each lesson                                                

Topic 2            How to best prepare for exams                                                            

Topic 3            What are the best techniques to use during an examination?            

Topic 4            Always take advantage of being able to hand in a Draft                  

Topic 5            Where to start when an Assignment needs to be done                      

Topic 6            Time Management   (where does my time go?)                                 

Topic 7            Why can’t I remember everything that I learn?                                 

Topic 8            Rules and Regulations                 (they are everywhere!)                              

Topic 9            How much Homework is enough?                                                    

Topic 10          What if my child isn’t academically gifted?                                      

Topic 11          The English language isn’t easy!                                                        

Topic 12          The Social Scene         (Oh No! Now there are parties etc)               

Topic 13          Do you study different subjects differently?                                    

Topic 14          Other Helpful Learning Strategies                                                     

Topic 15          Hurdles that all teenagers need to address and/or overcome

in Senior High School                                                                        

Topic 16          Explanation of my ‘skin their knee’ comment on the Title Page      

Useful Websites (Study, Memory, Health, Tutorials etc)                    

Your Notes:-