Mr D's Lessons for Life

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The author’s experience in dealing with teenagers has led to this attempt to draw together a number of essential adolescent life skills. Such topics as motivation, setting goals, risk taking, becoming an adult, diet and nutrition, commitment, self-discipline, hurdles that teenagers need to overcome, improving IQ scores, helpful websites and much more.

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Chapter  1       Motivation             (What gives some people the drive to succeed?)                  

Chapter  2       Setting Goals                   (As important as a Family Budget)                       

Chapter  3       Time Management            (Where does all my time go?)                

Chapter 4        Self Discipline        (Sometimes you just need to be strict with yourself)           

Chapter 5        Multiple Intelligences         (We are all clever at different things)                     

Chapter 6        Puzzles, Quizzes, IQ Tests etc               (Increase your IQ!)                     

Chapter 7        The Power of Positive Thinking           (It really does work!)                        

Chapter 8        From a Teacher’s Point of View              (An inside look!)                   

Chapter 9        My Grade 11 School Camp Talk     (Things that need to be discussed!)     

Chapter 10      Mother and Son Morning      (Understanding each other a little better)        

Chapter 11      The Social Scene          (Parents need to keep their finger on the pulse!)              

Chapter 12      Are You Committed?               (Do YOU really want to do this?)                         

Chapter 13        The Big Picture                             (How it all fits together)                         

Chapter 14      The Gods must be Crazy          (A comment on our busy lifestyle)              

Chapter 15      Diet and Nutrition                         (Looking after yourself)                               

Chapter 16      Emotional Intelligence               (Are you an otter or a beaver?)                  

Chapter 17      Protecting developing Brains     (Don’t handicap it before you start!)           

Chapter 18      Risk Taking                       (Some things are just too dangerous!)                  

Chapter 19      Male Vs Female Brain         (We really do think differently!)                             

Chapter 20      Nature Vs Nurture                    (Who or what is to blame?)                               

Chapter 21      Learn to be at ease with yourself           (Who am I really!)                      

Chapter 22      Becoming an Adult                   (Is it a rite of passage?)                                      

Chapter 23      Take a moment to smell the roses    (Slow down now and then)                 

Chapter 24      Hurdles all Teenagers face               (There is much to learn!)                      

Chapter 25        A Random Collection                 (Some Thoughts and Sayings)                                   

Useful Websites                           (Most topics covered)                                  

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