Mr D's Classroom Hints

**Hard Copies of "Mr D's Classroom Hints"  are no longer available - please download the eBook version using the links below*

KNOWLEDGE - informs you that the tomato is botanically classified as a fruit 

EXPERIENCE - lets you know that you don’t put it in your fruit salad! 

This book is an attempt by the Author, who has over 40 years of teaching experience, to draw together such important topics as study and exam skills, time management, how to overcome exam nerves, memory tricks, research skills, literacy, numeracy, problem solvinghow to get the best out of each lesson, the three (3) basic steps in assignment writing, helpful websites and much, much more.

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Chapter 1 Classroom Hints (How to get the most out of each lesson)

Chapter 2 The Human Brain (It’s good at learning things slowly)

Chapter 3 Memory Tricks (How to remember things a little better)

Chapter 4 Motivation (What gives some people the drive to succeed?)

Chapter 5 Setting Goals (As important as a Family Budget)

Chapter 6 Time Management (Where does all my time go?)

Chapter 7 Study Skills and Exam Skills (Sharpen your claws!)

Chapter 8 Problem Solving (The mouse and the Maze)

Chapter 9 Exam Nerves (Tips on how to overcome them)

Chapter 10 Do I study all subjects the same way? (No – they are different!)

Chapter 11 Why you should hand in a Draft (It’s a Freebie)

Chapter 12 Everyone needs a ‘dumb mate’! (You’ll be surprised how this helps!)

Chapter 13 Literacy (Just 26 letters of the Alphabet!)

Chapter 14 Numeracy (Just 9 numbers ie 1 to 9 plus 0)

Chapter 15 A Suitable Place to Study (Must have a good feel about it)

Chapter 16 Self-Discipline (Sometimes you just need to be strict with yourself)

Chapter 17 The Bus to ‘Knowledgeville’ (What sort of passenger are you?)

Chapter 18 Summary Techniques (Various ways to capture the main facts)

Chapter 19 Assignment Writing (3 Basic Steps)

Chapter 20 Multiple Intelligences (We are all clever at different things)

Chapter 21 Puzzles, Quizzes, IQ Tests etc (Increase your IQ!)

Chapter 22 The Power of Positive Thinking (It really does work!)

Chapter 23 From a Teacher’s Point of View (An inside look!)

Chapter 24 My Grade 11 School Camp Talk (Things that need to be discussed!)

Chapter 25 The Social Scene (Parents need to keep their finger on the pulse!)

Chapter 26 Old Basics Vs New Basics (The 3 Rs Vs Technology)

Chapter 27 Drawing on the right side of the brain (A Study Hint)

Chapter 28 Handwriting as a Skill (Fast becoming a lost art)

Chapter 29 How to improve your typing skills (An essential skill in today’s world)

Appendix 1 (So you think English is Easy?)

Useful Websites (Most topics covered)