About the Author

Geoff Dieckmann

Geoff Dieckmann has been teaching in secondary schools, both co-educational and single sex, for over forty years. He also enjoyed a year lecturing at the Ealing College of Higher Education in London, England.

Just over half of this time has been spent as the Coordinator of 16 year old male students at Ipswich Grammar School, Queensland, Australia. This role required him to monitor academic progress, behaviour etc as well as addressing such topics as Study Skills, Exam Skills, Motivation, Self-Discipline, Time Management, Assignment Writing, Goal Setting, Relationship Issues, Career Guidance, giving emotional support and general advice on too numerous topics to mention.

His four eBooks are an attempt to draw together many of these important topics in a hope that they may be of some help to parents and their teenage son or daughter as well as to new or beginning teachers.

Geoff Dieckmann is an entertaining speaker and enjoys passing on his message face to face and by interacting with an audience.