"Stop Jellyfishing Around"

Geoff Dieckmann has produced four eBooks.

All four eBooks are now available via Amazon, Google Play, Apple itunes and KOBO.

'Mr D's Classroom Hints' is a collection of Study Skills, Exam Skills, Memory Tricks, Time Management Techniques, Motivational Strategies, Literacy, Numeracy, Problem Solving, Summary Techniques plus many other topics of interest to parents and students.

'Mr D's Lessons for Life' is very relevant to teenagers and addresses such Life Skill topics as Motivation, Setting Goals, Risk Taking, Diet & Nutrition, Becoming an Adult, Teenage Hurdles that need to be conquered plus other relevant topics.

'Mr D's Survival Guide for Parents (of school-aged teenagers)' repeats a number of the relevant Chapters from the above two eBooks plus addresses other useful topics such as the Social Scene, What if my child isn't Academically Gifted, Negotiation Strategies etc

'Mr D's Teaching and Classroom Management Hints for Beginning Teachers' is a collection of strategies (eg Classroom Management, Discipline, Lessons Plans etc) that a new or beginning teacher needs to have in their kit-bag.

The first three eBooks also list a number of useful Websites under the Headings of:- Study Skills, Literacy, Numeracy, Health, I.Q. Quizzes/Puzzles etc.

Some of the other topics covered in the above publications are:
  • the three basic steps in completing an assignment
  • how to overcome exam nerves
  • why the human brain is good at learning things slowly
  • the new basics Vs the old basics
  • why everyone needs a ‘Dumb Mate’
  • multiple intelligences – we are all good at different things
  • how to increase your IQ
  • the topic of study & exams from a teacher’s point of view
  • why you don't use the same 'Study Method' for each subject
  • how much homework is enough
  • what to do if there is no set homework
  • why you should always hand in a Draft
  • etc